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We are blessed with the opportunity to provide community members with our services. In turn, we make the commitment to show up, and to do a great job.

We do not require any contracts; however your rates are lower when you select ongoing service, without skipping a service date.

Click below to view pricing and tasks we have to offer:


  • We Are Not Permitted To Use Client Equipment OR Chemicals

  • For Safety Precautions, We Do Not Move Furniture or Appliances

  • We Use Light Switches (No Chains) To Turn Ceiling Fans and Lights Off

  • Window Cleaning May Not Be Available During Hot, Rainy, & Humid Days

  • Vacant Homes Must Be Completely Empty With All Trash Removed

  • Water & Electric Must Be Turned On For All Occupied and Vacant Homes

  • We Do Not Clean Silk Plants, Priceless Items or Any Other Type of Collection

  • Window Cleaning: Must Be Accessible, Free From Bars, Bushes, and Screens

  • We Do Not Clean High Pot Shelves/Vaulted Level Ceiling Fans/High Ledges (No Ladders)

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