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  • We Are Not Permitted To Use Client Equipment OR Chemicals

  • For Safety Precautions, We Do Not Move Furniture or Appliances

  • We Use Light Switches (No Chains) To Turn Ceiling Fans and Lights Off

  • Window Cleaning May Not Be Available During Hot, Rainy, & Humid Days

  • Vacant Homes Must Be Completely Empty With All Trash Removed

  • Water & Electric Must Be Turned On For All Occupied and Vacant Homes

  • We Do Not Clean Silk Plants, Priceless Items or Any Other Type of Collection

  • Window Cleaning: Must Be Accessible, Free From Bars, Bushes, and Screens

  • We Do Not Clean High Pot Shelves/Vaulted Level Ceiling Fans/High Ledges (No Ladders)



  At this time, AAA HOUSECLEANERS does not offer green cleaning.

  Our hours are Monday through Friday, from 6am to 3pm. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday; however, some Saturdays may be available for an extra charge

  We are also closed for state and federal holidays.

  Please remove all window screens prior to our arrival. We do not clean screens. We clean interior & exterior windows, and areas that are reachable by our stepladder. 

  We do not clean 2nd level exterior windows.  Windows must be free from bars/protective material, which may prohibit us from a successful clean.

  Although it is not always possible, we attempt to meet every Client's schedule to offer a preference of cleaning day and time. 

  When scheduling a cleaning appointment, we may provide up to a '4 hour window' time frame for our estimated time of arrival.
  We apologize in advance for the large window time frame.  We find it necessary to give this window so that we do not disappoint you with time expectations. 

  Various reasons affect our schedules, including cancellations, pets, traffic/car accidents, GPS reports incorrect location, lockouts, clients request last minute additional

  services, etc... 

  If you are unable to keep your scheduled cleaning appointment, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance, via phone at 602-944-3500 or by sending a

  message via the Contact Us tab. 

  If we arrive to your home, and we are not able to service your home, a small charge of only $80.00 is assessed to compensate for our loss of time and travel cost to

  your home.


  An additional cost applies when a visit is cancelled, with or without notice.  We count on your repeat business and have delegated a specific day for cleaning. 

  These cancelled/skipped visits can be for any reason such as Covid sickness, doctors appointment, vacation, budget purposes, utilities have been disconnected etc.... 

  Additionally, it requires more time for the Cleaning Agents to clean after a skipped cleaning.  More time is required, which leads to more labor hours and an additional


  There is never a charge in the event we need to cancel a service.

  We are pet friendly, and are in hopes your pet is people friendly. On cleaning day, there is no need to keep your pet restrained or left outside. 

  We realize our weather makes it unbearable to stay outside for even a short period of time; please keep your pet in the home or in another room.  

  However, if your pet is not people friendly, for our safety, we ask that you please make arrangements to have your pet not inside the home while we clean. 

  Reminder: There is a cancellation fee of $60 assessed in the event we must leave as a result of your pet. 


  At times, our Cleaning Agents may be required to take photos of the property and/or areas that require cleaning, for clarification or approval to be cleaned.

  Our Cleaning Agents transmit photos to management and/or clients only and would never be publicized or advertised anywhere else. Transmittal can be through

  email or cell phone/text/iMessage.

  We do not accept personal checks;
however, In the event a check was inadvertently accepted, there is a $50 Return Check Fee if payment is returned unpaid by your

  bank - for any reason.  

  All credit card payments are billed the morning of service.  A 7% fee applies for all credit card payments.  If paying by cash, payments are required at our arrival.

  We do not require our clients to tip.  It is simply the clients choice to do so and is greatly appreciated.  You may utilize our 'Contact Us' page to submit your thank you,

  or positive and negative feedback.  We truly grow and learn from client feedback, which is also applied in coaching efforts.


  It is with regret that we do not offer refunds; however, if you are unhappy with the services provided at your home, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

  Please notify us within 24 hours of the cleaning, and we will return to correct the area(s) of concern.

  NOTE:  In some cases, we offer by the hour cleaning, at $60 per hour, per person.  Our teams generally consist of 2 to 4 people. 

  If you elect to pay by the hour, and purchase only a 'block of time' we will not guarantee the cleaning, since it may not be enough time to clean your home. 

  This includes any online promotions or special pricing quoted by our staff (not limited to Groupon & Yelp). 

  We provide an estimated time to clean your home, but do not guarantee your home will be cleaned within that time frame, since every home is unique. 

  There are many factors that require more or less time to clean a home.   
  Our Cleaning Agents will use their best judgement and care when cleaning, however; items that are faulty will not be cleaned. 

   If you failed to communicate the faulty items to us, prior to cleaning, we unfortunately exclude damage from our responsibility.  

   Example: Loose blinds, improper installation, picture frames not on correct screws/hung correctly, items that were glued etc...

  Stove tops with with caked on debris (burn residue etc..) are cleaned with a microfiber rag, and no harsh chemicals.  As such, it may not lead to an unsuccessful


  AAA HOUSECLEANERS is an insured cleaning service for your peace of mind.  We treat you and your home with complete respect. 

  If something does unexpectedly break, that was not a faulty item that lead to the damage, we will replace it.

  Although our Cleaning Agents are fully insured and trusted members of our company, we align ourselves with other companies (i.e. other Cleaning Services, Hotels,

  Motels) who ask their clients & guests to put away valuables in a safe and secure place.   

  The liability limits are set at a maximum of 2 times the cost of the service charge on the day in which the breakage/loss occurred. 

  Notification of such damage must be made within 24 hours of service.

  We are not responsible for faulty installations that led to breakage.  As such, please inform us in advance of any loose or unstable things/items in your home so that

  we may take extra precaution when handling.

  EXCLUSION: Items that are excluded from liability include, but not limited to: Jewelry, cash/gift cards, one-of-a-kind items or hard to get items; small device electronics,

  priceless items or of sentimental value, art, vintage and antiques.

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